Positive Affirmations For Women – Top 10

Positive Affirmations For Women – Top 10

Are you feeling insecure about certain things going on in your life? do you just need a positive change? These affirmations for women below will cover the most prominent problems for the majority if women in the modern era.

I discovered these positive affirmations for women when was going through a hard time with her family. She decided to share the secret with me which began to change her life completely around within a week. Now I’m going to share how she did it, and its all to do with unique positive affirmations.

Below is the initial example video which she found extremely powerful for personal use, I recommend that you read my positive affirmations for women at the bottom of the page then come back here to watch the video.

Why Positive affirmations for women are so vital in todays world.

Women in modern times are under so much pressure to look good, lose weight, eat healthy, be successful in a profession and look after a family. These modern day pressures have had a huge impact on the mental and physical health of all women in all areas of life from young to old.

Because of these varying but impactful range of factors women are often at the risk of overthinking, this is and inherent problem which must be addressed by mental stabilisation. This is most effectively done with positive affirmations, believe it or not but affirmations have changed millions of lives to date and it’s still quite a unknown fact to the general public.

For women to take advantage of these positive affirmations they must consider the reasons how in which they choose to partake in them, they must be for a positive reason, not out of any jealousy or spite as this will actually reverse the affirmation. So as a personalised example; to begin think of something about yourself you would like to change, in a positive way, then write them down as a list and make sure to add “I am” to the beginning of every line.

In order to use your personalised affirmations to its full potential power is is essential that they are used specifically in conjunction with the ones I have outlined below. These are the best starting affirmations for women so make sure you read them well and leave a comment to let me know how they worked for you! 🙂

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You must repeat these positive affirmations for women several times a day without skipping. Ideally they should be in the morning, before lunch, before dinner and before bed. The most powerful way is to write each line on paper, read it out loud, then repeat it silently in your mind.

I am happy with my age

I am happy with my body

I am happy with my life

I adore my curves

My clothes look amazing on me

I am a strong woman

I move with confidence

I hold my head up high and smile constantly

I am an amazing woman
Those are the top 10 positive affirmations for women to see the general top 10 secret positive affirmations here: http://positiveaffirmationsandthinking.com/positive-affirmations/


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