Positive Weight Loss Affirmations

Below we have outlined the very best Positive Weight Loss Affirmations. These affirmations are hugely powerful and can create a positive change in losing weight. Not only are the affirmations good for losing weight temporarily, they are also excellent in keeping it off for good!


They work by changing your old habits and thought patterns into a more positive mindset in terms of losing weight. The main reason that you struggle with weight is because you have developed very negative mindsets over time which have caused you to fall into a bad pattern of gaining weight. Fortunately by using the simple affirmations below you can create a huge life-changing difference in your life.

All it will take is repeating the words below several times a day to replace your bad thought habits. Positive Weight Loss Affirmations are key to any successful weightloss program and should be taken extremely seriously. Every morning when you wake up and before every meal you must repeat the mantra for it to take full effect.i-am-461820_1280.png

Just by being consistent with these Positive Weight Loss Affirmations you will notice a phenomenal change is your sense of being and character. Positive eating will become second nature to you as you begin to develop the attitude and mental commitment you always wanted to keep off the weight for good! This natural motivation will help you live healthier and happier too, so what are you waiting for start now!


Present Tense Affirmations


I am losing weight

weight is just falling off me

I didn’t realise weight was to easy to lose

I’m eating so healthy

Eating healthy feels good


Future Tense Affirmations

I will lose weight

Weight is easy to lose

I loved losing weight

Losing weight was so easy

Weight just melts away


Acceptance Affirmations

I accept weight loss is something good for me

I accept Weight loss is something I need

I accept Eating healthy is HEALTHY

I accept Putting off bad food

I accept Being healthy is who I am


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